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Database development engineer

    Recruitment needs:

    Original database system design and implementation, design and implementation of data storage, transmission and processing algorithms.

Software Development Engineer

    Recruitment needs:

    Android app, IOS app, Windows app development and testing.

UI designer

    Recruitment needs:

    Mobile terminal and PC-side man-machine interface design and beautification, web design, graphic design.

Business representative

    Recruitment needs:

    Management training for enterprise customers, docking information needs, design Informationized programs.

Company welfare

1、A perfect rotation promotion system, everyone has the opportunity to tap their own strengths.

2、egularly organize long-distance self-driving tours (Qinghai, Tibet, etc.) to enrich employees' horizons.

3、Employee quarters, meal subsidies for breakfast and lunch, etc.


1、Please be sure to bring a copy of your resume, transcript, English grade certificate and other relevant certificates during the interview. A complete and practical resume may be more popular.

2、For students who pass our resume screening and enter the next step, we will promptly give a phone call or SMS notification.

3、If you are interested in a position that is not recruited at your school, you can send an resume to the personnel email for that position, and we will promptly screen. For the right resume, we will arrange an interview at the discretion (may take a phone interview, invite to an off-site interview, etc.). We will not miss out on talents who are excellent and suitable for the company.