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Database development engineer

    Description of job:

    Independently develop a new architecture database, optimize database storage transfer efficiency, and optimize data storage security.

    Job Requirements:

    1.Bachelor degree or above, 2 years of database development and management experience;

    2.Master the performance optimization and fault handling of Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB database;

    3.Familiar with NoSQL database (such as MongoDB, Redis, etc.), SQL database optimization, Java development experience is preferred;

    4.At least one of the Java/Python/Shell scripting languages;

    5.Master the configuration, management, optimization and various common commands of the Linux operating system, and independently check and solve various problems of the operating system layer;

    6.Excellent ability to analyze problems, good at finding out the causes of problems from various systems and application logs;

    7.Have the ability to analyze and solve problems independently, accept business trips.

Software Development Engineer

    Description of job:

    Responsible for the PC and Android application development of the workshop management system, responsible for the analysis and feasibility evaluation of application related requirements, responsible for the writing of functions, technologies and the writing of test documents.

    Job Requirements:

    1.Computer, communication, electronics and other related majors, bachelor degree or above;

    2.Proficiency in Java programming,ability to read C / C + + code is preferred;

    3.Proficiency in mobile phone Android application development, with the ability to analyze problems, quickly locate, debug errors, understand the Android Framework architecture, and have experience in debugging debugging of the Framework layer;

    4.Have professional document reporting ability, English writing ability and a certain degree of English listening and speaking ability;

    5.Participate in the whole lifecycle development process of system function requirements analysis, design, implementation, testing, familiar with the front-end development framework, master common databases, related technologies and tools such as MySQL and SQL Server;

    6.Have good programming habits, strong abilities of communication, coordination and understanding ability, strong sense of responsibility and teamwork.

Company welfare

1、A perfect rotation promotion system, everyone has the opportunity to tap their own strengths.

2、Regularly organize long-distance self-driving tours (Qinghai, Tibet, etc.) to enrich employees' horizons.

3、Employee quarters,meal subsidies for breakfast and lunch,etc.


1、The company is in a period of business growth and the recruitment information is valid for a long time.

2、Please be sure to bring a copy of your resume, transcript, English grade certificate and other relevant certificates during the interview. A complete and practical resume may be more popular.

3、Please wait patiently after passing resume screening and entering the next step. We will give you a call or SMS notification in time.

4、After submitting your resume, we will arrange an interview according to your situation (may take a phone interview, invite to an off-site interview, etc.). We will not miss out on talents who are excellent and suitable for the company.