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The latest generation production management system

Management Upgrade Service

Aiming at the conflicts between the current informationization trend and the traditional enterprise management methods, as well as the management difficulties caused by the scale expansion and industry characteristics, the solution are obtained. We assist enterprises to optimize internal organizational structure, solve management system loopholes, and improve business strategies.


Starting from the two sides of the enterprise boss and its core team, through the analysis of the organizational structure of the enterprise,the power-responsibility-profit chain of the enterprise is made clear. Clarify the responsibilities and power boundaries of personnel at all levels, improve the management of the enterprise, and reduce the internal friction caused by the organizational structure.

Management consulting

Fully understand the industry in which the customer is located, and go deep into the company to conduct on-site investigations. Combining the advanced modes and laws of management, we propose improvement suggestions for the inefficient and redundant parts of the current management of the enterprise, so that the operating mechanism of the enterprise can be improved, the productivity is maximized, and the economic benefits are improved.

Business planning

According to the current market situation and future development trends, combined with the changes in internal and external environmental conditions, we will give decision-making advice on long-term development planning. Help enterprises to rationally use human, material and financial resources to organize and plan business operations. Reduce business risks to a certain extent and seize market opportunities.


The Neural-Manufacturing Operating System is a new generation production management system that Bincube refines for the information needs of production enterprises. The system uses digital information technology and cloud computing technology as a means to digitally transform the machine shop to increase production capacity, reduce costs and shorten delivery.

Principles and characteristics of N-MOS system

The system is based on the human-based unit and the enterprise's power-responsibility setup, which is in line with the actual management of the enterprise. It can effectively avoid information islands, improve collaboration efficiency, and maximize organizational vitality.

N-MOS Focus

The system focuses on solving the production problems of flexible manufacturing companies with low efficiency and insufficient capacity. The system integrates customer orders, organizational structure, functional departments, equipment status, data collection, and remote operation within the enterprise to maximize potential production capacity.

N-MOS composition

N-MOS server

N-The N-MOS server integrates data storage and computing. Based on the core algorithm of the neural network, it collects and processes the feedback information of each terminal in real time, and provides support for the functions of intelligent scheduling, file sharing and cost analysis of the manufacturing operating system.

Tablet & Mobile App

Provides dedicated Apps for smart tablets and mobile phones, with cost query, mold management and instant messaging, allowing real-time viewing of work hours and changing production priorities at any time, providing more convenient terminal operations for information applications.

Computer application software

Maximize the use of existing office workers' computers and install N-MOS application software on the computer. Managers can arrange production tasks, view production schedules, share production materials, and communicate production conditions.

Wireless AP+AC system

Bincube Industrial Grade Wireless AP+AC System has a unique dual-link backup function to ensure stable connection. The system can also set different priorities for different types of information to ensure unimpeded data transfer between the central server and the terminal.

Function module introduction


Cloud computing service

Bincube can provide cloud computing services for enterprises, eliminating the cost of self-built computer rooms. At the same time, the mold cloud space can bring the latest data analysis results of the industry to the enterprise, so that your company will never fall behind.

Platform principle and characteristics

The cloud computing platform is based on the big data construction of the mold industry. It aims to analyze the latest production methods of the industry through cross-enterprise data analysis between SMEs.

Industrial control products

Industrial control products are the forwards for Bincube to provide information technology and automation transformation for production enterprises, and undertake the important role of informational big data collection. Through the collection, summary and display of various production processes, the whole process of production can be tracked and visualized. This has the significance of high-precision control, optimization of production process, and improvement of production process.

Hot runner temperature control box

In response to the requirements of mold manufacturers and hot runner system users, Bincube developed hot runner mold temperature control card and temperature control box,Bincubers pursue precise temperature control, customize service according to requirements, and make continued efforts to improve and upgrade the hot runner temperature control system.

Industrial Wi-Fi device

We provide high-speed external network access and LAN network communication services, with a unique dual-link backup function to ensure a stable connection. Different types of information are set with different priorities to ensure unimpeded data transfer between the central server and the terminal.

Mold networking

To help mold companies become bigger and stronger, we rely on the industrial Wi-Fi network and the sensor and networking modules on the molds to summarize the mold data in real time to the server.In this way, we lay a good foundation for the company's data analysis, quality control and product optimization.