Company Profile

        BinCube Technologies Co., Ltd. Founded in August 2011 with a registered capital of 5 million, the company is committed to developing a new generation of intelligent information systems for manufacturing enterprises and is the first to propose a Neural-Manufacturing Operating System® worldwide. The system adopts feedback neural network as the basic information interaction architecture, and has powerful fragmented and randomized dynamic data processing capabilities, which can effectively eliminate the data islands that are common in manufacturing enterprises and ensure the coordination of internal information flow and real logistics. Also,it can effectively support small-volume and multi-batch customized production through artificial intelligence learning algorithms.


        Dr. Wo Tianbin, the founder of the company, graduated from Christian-Albrecht-Universitaetzu Kiel. He is a well-known young scholar in the field of international information technology. He has rich practical experience and profound theoretical knowledge in the fields of signal processing, communication coding and neural network intelligent algorithms. Dr.Wo is currently a member of the Prufstelle Testing and Certification Institute and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The company will fully rely on the founder's advanced concepts in the field of information technology to provide enterprises with information technology consulting, customized software and system integration services to help enterprises gradually upgrade the industrial 4.0.

Our Team

        We are a professional team. Team members have at least 5 years of experience in the communications industry.

        We are an experienced team. Our average age is only 27 years old. In addition to years of industry experience, we are calm, careful and practical, and we are not lacking in vitality and innovative spirit.

        We are a dedicated team. With the continuous improvement of information technology, only a solid foundation focused on a certain industry can go forward in the storm.

        We are a team with dreams. We come from all corners of the country, and the reason why we come together is for a common dream: to serve the manufacturing industry and to constantly strive for China to become a manufacturing power.

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