Enterprise information service model

Provide one-stop service from factory research, management advice, solutions, solution implementation to post-maintenance.

Classic Service Cases

Precision Mould·Beilun·Ningbo·Zhejiang

  • Top3 in the industry
    • Project time: September 2016 - September 2019

      Project content: Digitalization, informatization and intellectualization,plant-wide WiFi coverage, file sharing.

      Project features: 1. Using feedback neural network as the basic information interaction architecture, with powerful fragmented and randomized dynamic data processing capabilities; 2. Effectively making up for the shortcomings of traditional management software processes and structural solidification, and solve small batches and multiple Batch flexible manufacturing challenges.

    Auto Parts·Beilun·Ningbo·Zhejiang

  • The supplier of major well-known car manufacturers
    • Project time: October 2017 - September 2019

      Project content: Enterprise management consulting, digital intelligent production system tracking coverage.

      Project features: 1. Establishment of enterprise production order; 2. Responsibility-power-profit system related to production planning system; 3. Performance system establishment and department function optimization; 4. Equipped with intelligent electronic signage, establishment of production database and workshop digitization.

    Die-Casting Mould·Beilun·Ningbo·Zhejiang

  • Top 10 in the industry
    • Project time: October 2017

      Project content: Informationized and intelligent production system of workshop.

      Project features: 1. Automatic production progress tracking, accurate statistical working hours cost, connected workshop drawing and intelligent workshop scheduling; 2. Clarify production responsibility, visualize production process, and provide management with timely, accurate and comprehensive basis to reduce communication costs and risk of errors.


  • Top 5 in the industry
    • Project time: June 2018

      Project content: delivery management, quality management, personnel performance, cost statistics module.

      Project features: 1. Customized development, real-time tracking system for workshop production schedule, more accurate management of project delivery, and workshop capacity increased by 5% in 2018.


  • Top 10 in the industry
    • Project time: September 2017 - September 2018

      Project content: Enterprise Management Consulting.

      Project features: 1. Establishment of enterprise customized management system; 2. Establishment of production order system; 3. Adjusting enterprise human resource structure, building organizational foundation, and unifying thinking for enterprise strategic realization.

    Medical Technologies·Ningbo·Zhejiang

  • High-tech
    • Project time: May 2016 - February 2017

      Project content: remote data acquisition and automatic control system, procurement warehouse management system, chemical reaction automatic control system.

      Project features: 1. Workers can remotely control the workshop processing system in the office, and can adjust the processing condition anytime and anywhere; 2. The real-time display of out and in storage as well as the inventory of warehouse, and the system supports early warning settings, which can remind abnormal situations in real time.